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  1. Andrew J. Majda and Andrea L. Bertozzi, Vorticity and Incompressible Flow, Cambridge Univ. Press, 2002. [link to google books].

Papers Submitted

  1. Xia Li, Andrea L. Bertozzi, P. Jeffrey Brantingham, Yevgeniy Vorobeychik, Optimal cost policy restriction using the SIR model, submitted 2022.
  2. Bohan Chen, Kevin Miller, Andrea L. Bertozzi, Jon Schwenk, Graph-based Active Learning for Surface Water and Sediment Detection in Multispectral Images, submitted 2022
  3. Kevin Miller and Andrea L. Bertozzi, Model-Change Active Learning in Graph-Based Semi-Supervised Learning, submitted 2021.

Papers Accepted

  1. Harlin Lee, Aaqib Saeed, and Andrea L. Bertozzi, Active learning of non-semantic speech tasks with pretrained models, accepted for publication in ICASSP 2023.
  2. Jason Brown, Riley O'Neill, Jeff Calder, and Andrea L. Bertozzi, Utilizing Contrastive Learning for Graph-Based Active Learning of SAR Data, accepted SPIE Defense and Commercial Sensing Conference 2023.
  3. James Chapman, Bohan Chen, Zheng Tan, Jeff Calder, Kevin Miller, Andrea L. Bertozzi, Novel Batch Active Learning Approach and Its Application on the Synthetic Aperture Radar Datasets, accepted SPIE Defense and Commercial Sensing Conference, 2023.
  4. Joshua Enwright, Harris Hardiman-Mostow, Jeff Calder, and Andrea Bertozzi, Deep Semi-supervised Label Propagation for SAR Image Classification, accepted SPIE Defense and Commercial Sensing Conference, 2023.
  5. Tan Minh Nguyen, Tam Minh Nguyen, Nhat Ho, Andrea L. Bertozzi, Richard Baraniuk, Stanley Osher, A Primal-Dual Framework for Transformers and Neural Networks, accepted in ICLR 2023, notable top 25% paper.
  6. Dominic Yang, Yurun Ge, Thien Nguyen, Denali Molitor, Jacob Moorman, and Andrea Bertozzi, "Structural Equivalence in Subgraph Matching", accepted to IEEE Trans. Net. Sci. Eng., 2022, ArXiv preprint.
Papers Published (reverse chronological order)
  1. Marc Andrew Choi, Siyu Huang, Hengyuan Qi, Marco Scialanga, Emerson McMullen, Axel Sanchez Moreno, Yifei Lou, Andrea L. Bertozzi, and P. Jeffrey Brantingham, Combining Dynamic Mode Decomposition and Difference-in-Differences in an Analysis of At-Risk Youth, 2022 IEEE International Conference on Big Data Workshop on Data science for equality, inclusion and well-being challenges, 2022.
  2. Clay Adams, Malvina, Bozhidarova, James Chen, Andrew Gao, Zhengtong Liu, J. Hunter Priniski, Junyuan Lin, Rishi Sonthalia, Andrea L. Bertozzi, and P. Jeffrey Brantingham, Knowledge Graphs of the QAnon Twitter Network, Graph Techniques for Adversarial Activity Analytics (GTA3) workshop in IEEE BIG DATA, 2022.
  3. Jiaoying Ren, Karina Santoso, David Hyde, Andrea Bertozzi, P. Jeffrey Brantingham, The Pandemic did not Interrupt LA's Violence Interrupters, Journal of Aggression, Conflict and Peace Research, 2022. DOI 10.1108/JACPR-10-2022-0745
  4. Marcelo Bongarti, Luke Diego Galvan, Lawford Hatcher, Michael R. Lindstrom, Christian Parkinson, Chuntian Wang, Andrea L. Bertozzi, Alternative SIAR models for infectious diseases and applications in the study of non-compliance, Mathematical Models and Methods in Applied Sciences, Special Issue "Mathematics Towards COVID19 and Pandemic in a Globally Connected World", 2022.
  5. Bohan Chen, Pujan Shrestha, Andrea L. Bertozzi, George Mohler, and Frederic Schoenberg, A Novel Point Process Model for COVID-19: Multivariate Recursive Hawkes Process, Modeling and Simulation in Science, Engineering, and Technology, Predicting Pandemics in a Globally Connected World, Volume 1, pp. 141-182, Birkhauser-Springer, New York, USA, Nicola Bellomo and Mark A.J. Chaplain editors.
  6. Yifan Hua, Kevin Miller, Andrea L. Bertozzi, Chen Qian, and Bao Wang, Efficient and Reliable Overlay Networks for Decentralized Federated Learning, SIAM J. Appl. Math., 82(4), 2022, pp. 1558-1586. ArXiv preprint version.
  7. Bao Wang, Tan M. Nguyen, Andrea L. Bertozzi, Richard G. Baraniuk, Stanley J. Osher, Scheduled Restart Momentum for Accelerated Stochastic Gradient Descent , SIAM J. Imag. Sci. 15(2), pp. 738-761, 2022
  8. Hangjie Ji, Kyle Lafata, Yvonne Mowery, David Brizel, Andrea L. Bertozzi, Fang-Fang Yin, Chunhao Wang, Post-Radiotherapy PET Image Outcome Prediction by Deep Learning under Biological Model Guidance: A Feasibility Study of Oropharyngeal Cancer Application, Frontiers in Oncology, Radiation Oncology, May 13, 2022. ArXiv preprint.
  9. Karthik Elamvazhuthi, Bahman Gharesifard, Andrea L. Bertozzi, and Stanley Osher, Neural ODE Control for Trajectory Approximation of Continuity Equation IEEE Control Systems Letters, Volume 6, pp. 3152-3157, 2022. DOI: 10.1109/LCSYS.2022.3182284.
  10. Harlin Lee, Andrea Bertozzi, Jelena Kovacevic, Yuejie Chi, Privacy-preserving federated multi-task linear regression: a one-shot linear mixing approach inspired by graph regularization, ICASSP 2022 - IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech and Signal Processing, 2022, DOI: 10.1109/ICASSP43922.2022.9746007.
  11. Matthew Thorpe, Tan Nguyen, Hedi Xia, Thomas Strohmer, Andrea L. Bertozzi, Stanley J. Osher, and Bao Wang, , GRAND++: Graph Neural Diffusion with a Source Term, International Conference on Learning Representations (ICLR), 2022.
  12. Kyung Ha, Joseph de Rutte, Dino Di Carlo, and Andrea Bertozzi, Surface energy minimizing configurations for axisymmetric microparticles, J. Eng. Math, 134 (2), 2022.
  13. Kevin Miller, John Mauro, Jason Setiadi, Xoaquin Baca, Zhan Shi, Jeff Calder, and Andrea L. Bertozzi, Graph-based Active Learning for Semi-supervised Classification of SAR Data, SPIE Defense and Commercial Sensing, 2022, preprint version.
  14. Joseph de Rutte, Robert Dimatteo, Maani M Archang , Mark van Zee, Doyeon Koo, Sohyung Lee, Allison C. Sharrow, Patrick J. Krohl, Michael P. Mellody, Sheldon Zhu, James Eichenbaum, Monika Kizerwetter, Shreya Udani, Kyung Ha, Richard C. Willson, Andrea L. Bertozzi, Jamie B. Spangler, Robert Damoiseaux and Dino Di Carlo, Suspendable hydrogel nanovials for massively parallel single-cell functional analysis and sorting, ACS Nano, 16, 5, 7242-7257, 2022.
  15. Xia Li, Chuntian Wang, Hao Li, and Andrea L. Bertozzi, A martingale formulation for Stochastic Compartmental Susceptible-Infected-Resistant (SIR) Models to analyze finite size effects in COVID-19 Case Studies, Networks and Heterogeneous Media, 17(3) 311-331,2022, doi: 10.3934/nhm.2022009.
  16. Kyung Ha, Brendan Harding, Andrea L. Bertozzi, and Yvonne M. Stokes, Dynamics of small particle inertial migration in curved square ducts, SIADS, 21(1), pp. 714-734, 2022. Author reprint
  17. Kristopher K. Barr, Naihao Chiang, Andrea L. Bertozzi, Jerome Gilles, Stanley J. Osher, and Paul S. Weiss, Extraction of Hidden Science from Nanoscale Images, Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 126(1) 3-13, 2022, virtual special issue W. E. Moerner Festschrift
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  20. Kaiyan Peng, Zheng Lu, Vanessa Lin, Michael R. Lindstrom, Christian Parkinson, Chuntian Wang, Andrea L. Bertozzi, Mason A. Porter, A Multilayer Network Model of the Coevolution of the Spread of a Disease and Competing Opinions , M3AS 31(12) pp. 2455-2494, 2021, preprint version.
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