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Russel E. Caflisch
List of Publications

Research Publications

PDEs and Sparsity

  1. V. Ozolins, Rongjie Lai, R.E. Caflisch and S.J. Osher. “Compressed plane waves - compactly supported multiresolution basis for the Laplace operator,” Proc. NAS 111 (2014) 1691-1696.
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  3. H. Schaeffer, S.J. Osher, R.E. Caflisch and C. Hauck. “Sparse Dynamics for Partial Differential Equations,” Proc. NAS 110 (2013) 6634-6639.
Plasma Physics
  1. M.S. Rosin, L.F. Ricketson, A.M. Dimits, R.E. Caflisch, B.I. Cohen. “Multilevel Monte Carlo simulation of Coulomb Collisions,” J. Comp. Phys. 274 (2014) 140157.
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Epitaxial Growth and Structure
  1. P. N. Patrone, R. E. Caflisch and D. Margetis. “Characterizing equilibrium in epitaxial growth,” European Phys. Lett., 97 (2012) 48012.
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Financial Mathematics
  1. Yang Wang and R.E. Caflisch. “Martingales and Upper Bounds for American-Style Options,” Communications in Mathematical Sciences, (2014) to appear.
  2. Y. Wang and R.E. Caflisch. “Pricing and hedging American-style options: a simple simulation-based approach,” J. Computational Finance, 13 (2010) 85-125.
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Monte Carlo Methods
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Fluid Dynamics, including Singularities, Vortex Dynamics, Inviscid Limits, Multiphase flow
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Boltzmann Equation for Rarefied Gas Dynamics
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