Joan Rand Moschovakis

Guest of the UCLA Mathematics Department   



Research Interests


Selected Publications and Preprints 

  • Iterated definability, lawless sequences and Brouwer's continuum, submitted.   Preprint: bristoltopost.pdf
  • Another Unique Weak K\"onig's Lemma, in Logic, Construction, Computation, U. Berger, H. Diener, P. Schuster, M. Seisenberger (Eds.), Ontos 2012.   Preprint:  anotheruniqueWKL.pdf
  • (with Garyfallia Vafeiadou):  Some axioms for constructive analysis, Archive for Mathematical Logic, 2012.   Preprint:  someaxiomstopost.pdf
  • Unavoidable sequences in constructive analysis, Mathematical Logic Quarterly, 2010.  Preprint:  MLQnote10topost.pdf
  • The Logic of Brouwer and Heyting, a chapter in Logic from Russell to Church, Volume 5 of the Handbook of the History of Logic, ed. Woods and Gabbay, Elsevier, 2009.  Preprint:  logicofBandH.pdf,
  • (with Garyfallia Vafeiadou, in Greek):  Τα ενορατικά μαθηματικά και η λογική τους (in Greek), to appear.  gvfjrmgr.pdf,
  • (with Garyfallia Vafeiadou, English translation):  Intuitionistic mathematics and logic.   gvfjrmeng.pdf,  
  • Note on Pi^0_{n+1}-LEM, Sigma^0_{n+1}-LEM and Sigma^0_{n+1}-DNE, Proceedings of 5th Panhellenic Logic Symposium (2005).
  • The effect of Markov's Principle on the intuitionistic continuum, Proceedings of Oberwolfach Proof Theory week (April 2005).
  • Notes on the Foundations of Constructive Mathematics, in progress  (December 2006).    newnotes.psnewnotes.pdf
  • Classical and constructive hierarchies in extended intuitionistic analysis, Journal of Symbolic Logic 64 (2003), 1015-1043.
  • Intuitionistic Logic, revised 2010, in Stanford On-Line Encyclopedia of Philosophy.
  • Analyzing realizability by Troelstra's methods, Annals of Pure and Applied Logic 114 (2002), 203-225
  • Hierarchies in Intuitionistic Arithmetic, Gjuletchica, December 2002 :
  • A classical view of the intuitionistic continuum, Annals of Pure and Applied Logic, 1996.
  • Corrected version of An intuitionistic theory of lawlike, choice and lawless sequences, in Logic Colloquium '90 (ASL Helsinki), LNL 2 (1991).   (The published version had a serious systematic error, which is corrected here.)   helsinkicorr.pdf,
  • Relative lawlessness in intuitionistic analysis, Journal of Symbolic Logic, 1987. 
  • A topological interpretation of second-order intuitionistic arithmetic, Compositio Mathematica, 1973.  (The argument I gave there for x27.2 without free function variables is incorrect, as Scedrov pointed out soon afterward.  Krol later gave a correct argument for the schema with this restriction, using a more intricate topological model, and van Dalen showed by a counterexample that the restriction could not be removed. )
  • Can There be no nonrecursive functions?, Journal of Symbolic Logic, 1971.

Professor Moschovakis is Emerita Professor of Mathematics, Occidental College.  She has also taught in the Graduate Program in Logic
 and Algorithms at the University of Athens, Greece, where she has enjoyed supervising the Master's Thesis and PhD dissertation of Garyfallia Vafeiadou and the Master's Thesis of Nikos Vaporis.    Comments on "Notes on the Foundations of Constructive Mathematics" will be appreciated.  

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