1. "Tame and Differential Expansions of o-minimal Structures" (Oberwolfach mini-workshop, Germany, Nov 2020)
  2. Practical and Structural Model Theory (Passau, Germany, Jul 2020) [website]
  3. Logic Colloquium 2020 (Poznan, Poland, Jun 2020)
  4. Model Theory Conference in celebration of Ludomir Newelski's 60th birthday (Karkonosze Mountains, Poland, June 2020) [website]
  5. Model Theory: from Geometric Stability to Tame Geometry (CIRM, Luminy, France, Jun 2020) website]
  6. Model Theory and Applications 2020 (Cetraro, Italy, Jun 2020) [website]
  7. ULTRAMATH 2020: Ultrafilters and Ultraproducts Across Mathematics and Related Topics (Pisa, Italy, Jun 2020) [website]
  8. California Model Theory Day (UC Irvine, US, May 2020) [website]
  9. "Model Theory and its Applications", a special session at the AMS Spring Central Sectional Meeting 2020 (Purdue University, US, Apr 2020) [website]


  1. "Model Theory: Groups, Geometries and Combinatorics" (Oberwolfach workshop, Germany, Jan 2020) [website]
  2. Logic and Set Theory Seminar (UC Irvine, USA, Nov 2019) [website]
  3. CUNY Logic Workshop (CUNY Graduate Center, New York, USA, Sep 2019) [website]
  4. Stevens Institute of Technology (Hoboken, USA, Sep 2019) [website]
  5. Model-theoretic generalizations of the Elekes-Szabo theorem (Part 1) [website][video]
    Workshop on Recent Applications of Model Theory (Fields Institute, Toronto, Canada, Jul 2019)
  6. Logic seminar, University of Turin (Italy, Jun 2019) [website]
  7. Séminaire de Logique, Université Lyon 1 (France, Jun 2019) [website]
  8. Model theory of valued fields and applications (Münster, Germany, Jun 2019) [website]
  9. Logic Fest in the Windy City (Chicago, US, May 2019) [website]
  10. USC Combinatorics Seminar (Los Angeles, US, March 2019) [website]
  11. UCLA Combinatorics Seminar (Los Angeles, US, Jan 2019)
  12. Model theory and hypergraph regularity [slides] [website]
    Recent Advances in Regularity Lemmas, Special Session at the Joint Mathematics Meetings 2019 (Baltimore, US, Jan 2019)
  13. Pure and Applied Model Theory (UIC, Chicago, US, Oct 2018) [website]
  14. On generalizations of the Elekes-Szabo theorem [website] [video]
    Neostability Theory (BIRS, Oaxaca, Mexico, Oct 2018)
  15. "From permutation groups to model theory" workshop (ICMS, Edinburgh, UK, Sep 2018) [website]
  16. 2018 North American Meeting of the Association for Symbolic Logic (University of Western Illinois in Macomb, Illinois, US, May 2018) [website]
  17. Model-theoretic distality and incidence combinatorics [slides] [video] [website]
    "Model Theory and Combinatorics" workshop, IHP (Paris, France, Jan 2018)
  18. Mathematics Colloquium, Hebrew University (Jerusalem, Israel, Dec 2017) [website]
  19. Fractional Helly property in model theory [slides]
    Model theory seminar, UC Berkeley (US, Nov 2017)
  20. "Set-theoretic and topological methods in model theory" at the Indian Statistical Institute, North-East Centre (Tezpur, Assam, India, Sep 2017) [website]
  21. "Nonstandard methods in combinatorial number theory" at the American Institute of Mathematics (San Jose, US, Aug 2017) [website]
  22. Strong Erdős-Hajnal property in model theory [slides] [website]
    11th Panhellenic Logic Symposium (Delphi, Greece, Jul 2017)
  23. Model Theory (Bedlewo, Poland, Jul 2017) [website]
  24. Mekler's construction and generalized stability [slides] [website]
    Automorphism Groups, Differential Galois Theory and Model Theory (Barcelona, Spain, Jun 2017)
  25. Fields and model-theoretic classification, mini-course [Slides: 1, 2, 3] [website]
    Model theory Conference, Stellenbosch University (South Africa, Jan 2017)
  26. Cherlin weekend (Rutgers University, US, Oct 2016) [website]
  27. Model theory of finite and pseudofinite structures (Leeds, UK, Jul 2016) [website]
  28. International Conference on Model Theory (Notre Dame University, US, Jun 2016) [website]
  29. Caltech logic seminar (Los Angeles, US, May 2016) [website]
  30. Combinatorial properties of generically stable measures [slides] [website]
    UIC Logic Seminar (Chicago, US, Apr 2016)
  31. "New Pathways between Group Theory and Model Theory" (Mühlheim an der Ruhr, Germany, Feb 2016) [website]
  32. "Model Theory: groups, geometry, and combinatorics" (Oberwolfach, Germany, Jan 2016)
  33. Model-theoretic approach to multi-dimensional de Finetti theory [slides] [website]
    "Model theoretic aspects of the notion of independence and dimension", 2015 RIMS Model Theory Workshop, Kyoto University (Kyoto, Japan, Dec 2015)
  34. Logic Seminar, UCLA (Los Angeles, Nov 2015)
  35. Applications of model theory in extremal graph combinatorics [slides] [video]
    Logic Colloquium 2015, plenary speaker (Helsinki, Finland, Aug 2015)
  36. Zarankiewicz problem for (hyper-)graphs and counting types [video]
    “Neostability Theory 2015” (Oaxaca, Mexico, July 2015)
  37. Ergodic measures and genericity in definably amenable NIP groups [slides]
    “When Topological Dynamics meets Model Theory” (Marseille, France, June 2015)
  38. NTP1 [slides]
    Séminaire "Théorie des Modèles et Groupes", Université Paris 7 (Paris, France, June 2015)
  39. Model theory seminar, University of Wroclaw (Poland, May 2015)
  40. Graph regularity and incidence phenomena in distal structures [slides] [video]
    "Model Theory, Difference/Differential Equations and Applications" at the CIRM (Luminy, France, Apr 2015)
  41. Logic seminar, University of Turin (Italy, Mar 2015)
  42. Geometry seminar, Université de Savoie - Chambéry (France, March 2015)
  43. Model theory Conference South Africa, Stellenbosch (South Africa, Mar 2015)
  44. Special Mathematics Seminar, MIT (US, Jan 2015)
  45. Logic seminar, University of Wisconsin-Madison (US, Jan 2015)
  46. Model theory seminar, UC Berkeley (US, Jan 2015)
  47. Colloquium, UCLA (Los Angeles, US, Jan 2015)
  48. Colloquium, University of Wisconsin-Madison, via Skype (US, Dec 2014)
  49. Some applications of model theory to geometric Ramsey theory [slides]
    “Géométrie et Théorie des Modèles” at Ecole Normale Supérieure (Paris, France, Nov 2014)
  50. Séminaire Arithmétique, Université Lille 1 (Lille, France, Oct 2014)
  51. Classification Theory Workshop, NIMS (Daejon, Korea, 6 - 9 Aug 2014).
  52. Model theory seminar, MSRI, Berkeley (US, May 2014)
  53. Model theory seminar, CUNY Graduate Center (New York, US, May 2014)
  54. VC-dimension in model theory and other subjects [slides]
    Caltech–UCLA Logic Seminar (Los Angeles, US, May 2014)
  55. Model theory seminar, University of California, Berkeley (US, Mar 2014)
  56. Théorie des Modèles et Groupes, Université Paris 7 (France, Dec 2013)
  57. Definably amenable groups in NIP [slides]
    Séminaire de Logique, Université Lyon 1 (France, Nov 2013)
  58. Tame definable topological dynamics [slides]
    “Géométrie et Théorie des Modèles” at Ecole Normale Supérieure (Paris, France, Oct 2013)
  59. Set theory seminar, Hebrew University of Jerusalem (Israel, Aug 2013)
  60. On the number of Dedekind cuts [slides]
    Logic Colloquium 2013 (Evora, Portugal, Jul 2013)
  61. External definability and groups in NIP [slides]
    Model theory 2013 (Ravello, Italy, Jun 2013)
  62. Model theoretic approach to de Finetti theory [slides]
    Research workshop “Interactions between Logic, Topological structures and Banach spaces theory”, Eilat Campus of Ben Gurion University of the Negev (Israel, May 2013)
  63. Fields with NTP2 [slides]
    Model theory seminar, University of Konstanz (Germany, May 2013)
  64. MALOA Final Conference “Logic and Interactions” (CIRM, Luminy, France, Apr 2013)
  65. Logic seminar, Hebrew University of Jerusalem (Israel, Dec 2012)
  66. Model theory and descriptive set theory seminar, University Lyon 1 (France, Oct 2012)
  67. Third MALOA Training Workshop (Oxford, GB, Aug 2012)
  68. “Notions of minimality and rank in dependent theories” workshop (Villa de Leyva, Colombia, Jun 2012)
  69. NTP2 [slides]
    “15th Latin American Symposium on Mathematical Logic” (Bogotá, Colombia, Jun 2012)
  70. Generalizations of stability and NTP2 [slides]
    “Géométrie et Théorie des Modèles” at Ecole Normale Supérieure (Paris, France, Apr 2012)
  71. Seminar in Logic and Set Theory, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev (Beersheba, Israel, Mar 2012)
  72. Logic seminar, Hebrew University of Jerusalem (Israel, Mar 2012)
  73. Logic seminar, Universität Münster (Germany, Feb 2012)
  74. Séminaire général de logique (Paris, France, Jan 2012)
  75. “Neostability theory” workshop (Banff International Research Station, Canada, Jan 2012)
  76. Model theory seminar + General logic seminar, Universidade de Lisboa (Portugal, Oct 2011)
  77. Logic seminar at the Institut Camille Jordan (Lyon, France, Oct 2011)
  78. Logic seminar, Universität Münster (Germany, Sep 2011)
  79. Model-theoretic weight and algebraic examples [slides]
    “Algebra, Combinatorics and Model Theory” (Koç University, Istanbul, Turkey, Aug 2011)
  80. Second MALOA Training Workshop (Leeds, GB, Jun 2011)
  81. Student seminar of the MALOA model theory semester (Lyon, France, Mar 2011)
  82. “Día de teoría de modelos” (Los Andes University, Bogota, Colombia, Nov 2010)
  83. Logic seminar at Universidad Nacional (Bogota, Colombia, Nov 2010)
  84. First MALOA Training Workshop (Fischbachau, Germany, Sep 2010)
  85. Model Theory conference, NIMS (Seoul, South Korea, May 2010)
  86. Séminaire des thésards, Université Paris 7 (Paris, France, Apr 2010)
  87. “New developments of "independence" in model theory” (Kirishima, Japan, Mar 2010)
  88. Logic Group seminar at the Humboldt University (Berlin, Germany, Feb 2010)
  89. “Model Theory: Around Valued Fields and Dependent Theories” workshop (Oberwolfach, Germany, Jan 2010)
  90. Logic seminar at the Institut Camille Jordan, Université Lyon 1 (Lyon, France, Nov 2009)
  91. Model theory workshop (Wroclaw, Poland, Aug 2009)
  92. Séminaire général de logique (Paris, France, Jun 2009)
  93. Logic seminar at the Institut Camille Jordan, Université Lyon 1 (Lyon, France, Mar 2009)
  94. “Stable methods in unstable theories” workshop (Banff International Research Station, Canada, Feb 2009)
  95. What is... Fraïssé construction? [slides]
    “What is...” seminar at the Freie Universität (Berlin, Germany, Jan 2009)
  96. Forking and dividing in dependent theories (and NTP2 in there) [slides]
    “Around classification theory” workshop (Leeds, GB, Jun 2008)
  97. Logic Group seminar at the Humboldt University (Berlin, Germany, Jun 2008)