Older Lecture Notes

(More than 5 years old)
These works are supported partially by various NSF grants as acknowledged in each article.

H. Hida, Two lectures on Metaplectic groups and Siegel-Weil formulas, in 2001 at Ritsumeikan university (Japan): [pdf],[pdf] (revised version of 9/29/2020)

H. Hida, Five lectures at Tata institute 7/30-8/7/2008, No.1[pdf], No.2[pdf], No.3[pdf], No.4[pdf], No.5 (Colloquium talk) [pdf].

H. Hida, Permutation representations and Langlands base change, lecture note of a talk at Northwestern university on 5/11/2008 (a version of 5/14/2008 [pdf])

H. Hida, Control of nearly ordinary Hecke algebras, Lecture notes of a talk at Luminy Summer school on Serre's conjecture (delivered on 7/17/2007) (version of 7/18/07, minor error corrected [pdf])

H. Hida, Taylor-Wiles patching lemmas a la Kisin, Lecture notes of two talks at Ghate's Number Theory seminar 5/14,16/2007 (version of 5/13/07 [pdf])

H. Hida, Nonvanishing of L-values mod p, the notes of the two lectures at Tata institute of fundamental research 8/18-21/06 (a revised version of the lecture at the conference: "Automorphic Galois Representations, L-functions and Arithmetic" held at Columbia University; lecture delivered on 6/17-18/2006) [pdf]

H. Hida, Extensions and the exceptional zero of the adjoint square L-functions, a conference talk on 7/4/05 at Strasbourg, France, [pdf]

H. Hida, Non-vanishing modulo p of Values of L-functions,, Graduate perspective seminar talk 2/14/05, [dvi]

H. Hida, L-invariants of adjoint square Galois representations, (Talk at AMS regional meeting, special session, USC, 4/3/04) [pdf]

H. Hida, Modular Iwasawa theory, (a series of lectures at Peking University, Beijing, China, 2/15-20/04) [dvi]

H. Hida, L-invariants and p-ordinary families of Hilbert modular forms, (Conference talk at Banff, Canada, 12/15/03) [pdf]

H. Hida, CM periods and the anticyclotomic main conjecture, (Conference talk at Luminy, France, 6/18/02) talk manuscript:[dvi], abstract:[dvi]

H. Hida, A simple proof of non-vanishing modulo p of Dirichlet L-functions, Number Theory seminar talk at UC Irvine 5/8/03; [dvi]

H. Hida, Reciprocity laws and prime decomposition, (Notes of a perspective colloquium talk at UCLA, 2/26/01) [dvi] [pdf]

H. Hida, Modularity problems of Q-motives and base-change, (four lectures at Strasbourg, France, 1/31-2/4/00) [pdf]

H. Hida, Control Theorems and Applications, Lectures at Tata institute of fundamental research (Version of 2/15/00) [dvi.gz]

H. Hida, Modular Galois representations of "Neben" type, (a summary of Sections 5.1.1 and 5.2.1-2 from my book on geometric modular forms) [dvi] [pdf]

H. Hida, CM components of the big Hecke algebra, A series of lectures at Hokkaido University (12/13-12/17/2010): [pdf]

H. Hida, Arithmetic invariant and geometry, A series of lectures at Kyoto University (10/2-12/10/2010): Lecture 1:[pdf] Lecture 2:[pdf], Lecture 3:[pdf], Lecture 4:[pdf]

H. Hida, Arithmetic invariant and Shimura varieties, Six lectures at Poincare Institute in 2010 Winter (1st, 2nd lectures on 1/22, 3rd, 4th lectures on 1/29 and the last two lectures on 2/5): Six lectures in one file with unified reference and a table of contents [pdf] (a version of March 15, 2010, some too optimistic statements corrected).

H. Hida, Lambda-adic p-divisible groups, I: [pdf], II: [pdf], two lectures at CRM (Montreal) in September 2005