Mathematics 245a, Fall 2002 Classpage

Note: Folland has various corrections for his text on his webpage: Go to
Folland's corrections


The final exam will not have any problems on set theory, cardinality, etc. You do not have to know the proof that L^1 is complete. The corresponding homework: you should know the material up to and including problem 22 on the last assignment.
Review session: Monday 4-5+ in MS6627 regular office hrs Fri 4-5. Also Asger will be holding a review session.

See handout 10 for clarification of Folland
See handout 9 for material covered Wednesday before Thanksgiving - you are responsible for this material.
Note correction to assignment 6 and due date.
A very rough guide to hour exam grades: 90-100=A, 80-89=A-, 70-78=B+, 65-69=B, 60-64=B-, 56-59=C+, 0-55 [this represents approx. bottom 1/3 of those who took exam]: various C's/ D's.
Assignment 5 due on Friday.
See handout 8 for solutions to hour exam.
Hour exam postponed until Monday November 18 (as requested by a number of members of the class)
Practice Exam: Friday October 25
(Covers assignments 1,2 as well as lecture material - see handout 4).
See handout 5 for the solutions. Carefully read the solutions both for content and style: note that some of these questions will be on subsequent exams!

The practice exam grades are posted on your "my UCLA" webpage.
If you got less than 20/50 there is a very good chance that you do not have the prerequisites for this course. Keep in mind that the course will only get harder! You are welcome to see me for advice during office hours.

Hour Exam: Friday November 15 Postponed until Monday November 18
Final Exam: Tuesday December 10 8AM in lecture room Assignments Handouts
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