Cecelia Higgins

Welcome to my webpage! I'm Cecelia, and I am a third-year graduate student in the UCLA Mathematics Department. My pronouns are she/her.


(Fall 2021) I am currently a Teaching Assistant for the following courses:

Please see your course's CCLE/BruinLearn page for more information. My office hours are:

For courses for which I have been a teaching assistant in the past, please click here.

For my teaching reviews, please click here.


As of Fall 2021, I am not accepting new tutees. Please see the math department's list of tutors here to find active tutors.


My primary research interest is mathematical logic, particularly set theory.

Here are some slides for a(n expository) talk I gave at the UCLA GSO Seminar on large cardinals.

Contact Information

E-mail is the best way to contact me; if you do not receive a response to an e-mail within 48 hours, please send me a follow-up message.

I am always happy to speak with current, former, and future students about:

I'm also happy to (attempt to) assist graduate students with preparing for any of the following qualifying exams: Basic, logic, and algebra. If you're studying for any of these quals and are looking for solutions to past problems, then please feel free to e-mail me, and I'll do my best to help!

I am a co-organizer for the Women in Math (WIM) group in our department. For questions about WIM, please send a message to uclawomeninmathematics @ gmail . com or e-mail me directly.

I am also a co-organizer for the Directed Reading Program in our department. For questions about the Directed Reading Program, please send a message to drp @ math . ucla . edu.

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