MATH 131AH: Winter 2023

Honors Analysis

lecturer: Marek Biskup, MS 6180
lecture: MWF 10-11 in MS 6229
office hours: (tentatively) MWF 9:30-10, 11-noon
discussion: T 10-11 in Geology 4645, TA: Haiyu Huang

Board photos & lecture notes: can be found here, including a brief synopsis of material covered.


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Course content:


Topics to be covered: Rigorous treatment of the foundations of real analysis, including construction of the naturals, rationals and reals. Metric space (a.k.a. point set) topology, compactness and its consequences. Numerical sequences and series. Continuity, including connections with compactness. Rigorous treatment of the main theorems of differential calculus.

While being marked as an honors version of MATH131A, the content of the course contains a number of additional topics generally treated in MATH131B. If you need to take the whole MATH131AB sequence (and, in particular, learn also the Riemann integration theory), then plan to take MATH131BH as well.

Course policies:

Midterms: in class on Friday, February 10 (week 5) and Friday, March 3 (week 8)

Final exam: Thursday, March 23, 3-6PM

Exam policy: No make-ups, no open book or calculators, ID required

Homework: assigned via this website, due on the date posted at the beginning of class

Homework policy: lowest HW score dropped, no late HW accepted

Grading: Homework 10% and the better of the following: Midterms 30% + Final 60% OR Final 90%. The two midterms contribute to overall midterm score equally.