Mathematics 114L, Mathematical Logic, Spring 2021, Homework

In solving a problem, you may assume and use every result and problem which appears before it in the Notes. You are also encouraged to seek help with the homework from either the instructor or the TA.

Optional problems are optional; you can do them to learn more, solutions to them will be posted along with the solutions to the regular problems and some of them will be graded, but these grades will not be used in computing the "homework part" of your grade in the class.

HW #7, due Thursday, May 13: x2.32, x2.33, x2.34, x2.39, x2.42.

HW #6, due Thursday, May 6: x2.21 (Parts 1, 4 and 5), x2.27, x2.28, x2.30, x2.31. Optional: x2.29.          Solutions

HW #5, due Thursday, April 29: x2.8, x2.14, x2.15, x2.17, x2.22, x2.25. Optional: x2.23.          Solutions

HW #4, due Thursday, April 22: x2.2, x2.3, x2.5, x2.6, x2.16. Optional: x2.18.          Solutions

HW #3, due Thursday, April 15: x1.6, x1.15, x1.17, x1.19, x1.22, x1.24, x1.27.          Solutions

HW #2, due Thursday, April 8: x1.8, x1.10, x1.11, x1.14, x1.18, x1.20, x1.21, x1.23.
Optional. x1.7, x1.25.          Solutions
HW #1, due Thursday, April 1: Optional: x1.2, x1.3, x1.4, x1.5.          Solutions