IPAM Lectures on The Physics of Cellular Materials

Lecture 1: Basic Electrostatics (pdf)

Lecture 2: Polymers (pdf)

Lecture 3: Membranes (pdf)

Lecture 4: Filaments and Nonequilibrium Transport (pdf)

Biomath 201: Deterministic Modeling in Biology (incomplete)

Boundary Layers (pdf)

Facilitated Diffusion (pdf)

Complex1 (pdf)

Complex2 (pdf)

Fourier1 (pdf)

Fourier2 (pdf)

Method of Characteristics (pdf)

Biomath 243: Condensed matter Physics of the Cell (incomplete)

Fokker-Planck (pdf)

Backward Eqn. (pdf)

First Passage Times (pdf)

Stochastic Applications/reactions (pdf)

Stochastic Applications/mutations (pdf)

One-dimensional models (pdf)

Random Sequential Adsorption (pdf)

Taylor Dispersion (pdf)

Homogenization (pdf)

Branching Processes (pdf)

Biomath 209: Mechanisms and Modeling of Bioanalytical Assays

Syllabus (pdf)

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