UCLA Computational and Mathematical Biology Postdoc/Fellow:

I am looking to fill one, possibly two postdoctoral positions with appointments in either the Department of Mathematics, Department of Computational Medicine, or in the Quantitative and Computational Biosciences Institute at UCLA. Some teaching opportunities in the Math department or in Computational Biology workshops is available and encouraged, but not necessary.

The position can be partially funded by the Army Research Office, NSF, and/or NIH, allowing the fellow to work on a broad range of topics including projects to

(1) Model and understand the dynamics of the T-cell receptor (TCR) repertoire. Develop high-dimensional hybrid deterministic/stochastic models of birth-death-immigration processes. Analyze TCR abundance data. Understand how heterogeneity affects TCR diversity and how antigen activation affects maturation.

(2) Model hematopoiesis (especially in the context of transplantation and barcoded populations of stem cells). Develop high-dimensional hybrid deterministic/stochastic models of tagged populations of cell lineages. Understand T-cell recovery experiments in rhesus macaque. Develop a high-dimensional Bayesian model for blood sampling.

(3) Develop predictive psychophysics models for stress response. Understand neuroendocrine control in PTSD and other depressive disorders. Incorporate higher brain activity and stochasticity in dynamical models of stress and addiction.

(4) Other fun problems in population biology, stochastic processes, and biophysics.

These problems will probably involve stochastic analysis, marrying numerical and analytical/asymptotic approaches, and some inference. The ideal candidate will be trained in applied mathematics and/or theoretical physics, have good modeling/analytical skills, physical intuition, and have experience with (or willingness to learn and apply) statistical mechanics, stochastic processes, numerics, MC simulation, and inference/optimization.

Please email tomchou@ucla.edu with CV, short description of past research, and names of three references by ~March 15, 2019. The position(s) can start as soon as early summer 2019.

Also, a possibility exists for one graduate researcher position in my group. Interested parties should be trained in applied math or theoretical condensed matter physics, and be self-motivated to explore a diverse set of theoretical problems

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