Math 290F:  Sheaves in Symplectic Geometry

The goal of this quarter's working seminar is to understand sheaf theory in symplectic geometry as a substitute for the Fukaya category.  Our main goal is to understand the Nadler-Zaslow correspondence.

Schedule of talks

Notes will be made available here.

Talk 1: Introduction (Ko Honda)
Talk 2: Review of sheaves, derived and dg categories (Joe Breen)
Talk 3: Review of constructible sheaves and operations on sheaves (Austin Christian)
Talk 4: Constructible sheaves and generation (Sangjin Lee)
Talk 5: Microsupport of a sheaf (Ikshu Neithalath)
Talk 6: Review of A_\infty categories, triangles, twisted complexes (Eilon Reisin-Tzur)
Talks 7 & 8: Review/definition of Fukaya category - the full version (Tianyu Yuan)
Talk 9: From de Rham to Morse (Tianyu Yuan and Wenda Li)
Talk 10: The conormal torus is a complete knot invariant, following Schende (Dave Boozer)

Main references

Nadler-Zaslow [NZ], "Constructible sheaves and the Fukaya category"
Nadler [N], "Microlocal branes are constructible sheaves"
Kashiwara-Shapira [KS], "Sheaves on manifolds"
Viterbo [V], "An introduction to symplectic topology through sheaf theory"
Shende [S],
Auroux [A], "A beginner's introduction to Fukaya categories"