Math 269C, Section 1, Spring 2017

Advanced Numerical Analysis: The Finite Element Method

Lecture Meeting Time: Mon, Wed, Fri 1-1.50pm.
Lecture Location: MS 5118.

Instructor: Luminita A. Vese
Office: MS 7620D
Office hours: TBA (after the lecture, or by appointment).


Textbook: (placed on reserve for 2 hours/overnight at SEL Library).
Claes Johnson, Numerical solution of partial differential equations by the finite element method, Cambridge University Press, 1987 (or the 2nd edition, 2009).

Other references:
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    Enforced Requisites: courses 115A, 151A, 151B.

    Useful Links:
  • PIC Lab: Boelter Hall 2817 and Mathematical Sciences 3970
  • MATLAB Documentation (thanks to Prof. C. Anderson, UCLA)
  • Class Web Page:
  • Numerical Analysis Qualifying Exam
  • Getting started with MATLAB

    Assignment Policy: There will be several homework assignments on theoretical questions, and two computer projects.

    Grading Policy: Homework 75%; Projects 25%.

    Homework Assignments, Projects & Practice Problems:

    HW #1 (due on Friday, April 14) HW1.pdf HW1.tex

    HW #2 (due on Monday, April 24) HW2.pdf HW2.tex

    Computational Project 1 (due on Monday, May 1st) Project1.pdf Project1.tex

    Useful Results

    HW #3 (due on Monday, May 8) HW3.pdf HW3.tex

    Computational Project 2 (due on Wednesday, May 31st) Project 2 (pdf) Project 2 (LaTex)

    HW #4 (due on Wednesday, May 31st) HW4 (pdf) HW4 (Latex)

    HW #5 (due on ) HW5.pdf

  • Error Estimates
  • Theoretical notes
  • Two problems with partial solutions
  • Practice problems
  • Evolution problems