Combinatorics of Words (Math 206, Fall 2014)

Instructor: Igor Pak
pak@math.ucla (add .edu at the end)

Class schedule: MWF 3:00 - 3:50 pm, MS 5138

Office Hours: M 4-5, MS 6125

Main Reading Sources:

Sections by topic, and additional reading:

Warning: some of these links require UCLA subscription; whenever possible I tried to include free links.

  1. Thue-Morse sequence:
  2. Prouhet-Tarry-Escott problem:
  3. Tower of Hanoi:
  4. Sturmian words:
  5. Quasideterminants and MMT:
  6. Plactic Monoid, Knuth equivalence, RSK and Jeu-de-taquin:


Course notes:

Selected lecture notes by Alejandro Morales assembled in a single file. Thanks, Alejandro!
Note: these note are neither checked nor edited. The alleged jokes which appear in the notes never happened.

Scans of three substitute lectures by Alejandro: one, two, three.

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