My name is Ben Johnsrude. I'm a second-year PhD student at UCLA studying analysis.

Prior to UCLA, I was an undergraduate at the University of Michigan - Ann Arbor.

I can be reached at johnsrude (at)

I prefer the pronouns they/them.

My open office hour is at 1pm Tuesday each week. It may be accessed through the zoom code: 789 423 8684

My historical teaching is as follows:

Quarter Course
Winter 2021 Math 32A, Math 132
Fall 2020 Math 132, Math 246A
Spring 2020 Math 132
Winter 2020 Math 32B
Fall 2019 Math 32A
Reviews from prior teaching may be found here. See also this sample from my zoom transcripts.

Some documents:

Notes from a presentation about UHF algebras

Slides discussing Loewner energy

UCLA Analysis qualifying exam solutions