Yiannis N. Moschovakis. Books and lectures notes on line.

  • Abstract recursion and intrinsic complexity, PDF file (1.4 MB). This book was first published by Cambridge University Press as Volume 48 in the Lecture Notes in Logic, © Association for Symbolic Logic, 2019. The Cambridge University Press catalog entry for the work can be found at CUP listing. The published version can be purchased through Cambridge University Press and other standard distribution channels. This copy is made available for personal use only and must not be sold or redistributed.

  • Descriptive set theory, second edition, PDF file (3 MB). Published by the American Mathematical Society as volume 155 of the Surveys and Monographs series; to buy it from the AMS, go to http://www.ams.org/bookstore-getitem?item=surv-155.

  • A short, elementary introduction to logic. These are the lecture notes I have used in teaching the 10-week, undergraduate, Upper Division course in mathematical logic at UCLA. The Propositional Calculus, The Lower Predicate Calculus with identity, The theorems of Tarski and Gödel. The challenge in this class is to cover the (basic) theorems of Tarski and Gödel in ten weeks for students whose preparation is typically no more than one class in mathematics or philosophy beyond the Calculus.

  • A logic of meaning and synonymy, with Fritz Hamm, PDF file. Lectures notes for an advanced course given in ESSLLI 2010.

  • Σημειώσεις στη συνολοθεωρία PDF file. In Greek, 2007. A preliminary version of the second Greek edition of Notes on set theory.

  • Αναδρομή και υπολογισμός. PDF file. Recursion and computation, in Greek, 2008, most recent corrections entered in August, 2011.