Summer 2018 Tutorial: Category Theory

Meetings   MWF, 7 - 8:30 or 9 pm, SC 507.
Instructor: Morgan Opie
Office:   SC 505g
Email:   opie AT g DOT harvard DOT edu

This is an intensive first course in category theory, with an emphasis on examples and unifying principles. The course will be lecture-based, but I will actively solicit student involvement. After each class I’ll post a list of exercises, which will fill in omitted steps in proofs and guide you through important constructions and examples. These will not be turned in, but will provide a basis for parts of the lesson. I suggest that you read and understand the statement of the exercises, even if you do not have time to solve them in detail.

More details on subject matter can be found here.

We will follow Mac Lane's classic book Categories for the Working Mathematician (pdf legally available through Hollis with Harvard credentials), and will probably assign many exercises from it, but I'll supply copies of any problems you need. So you should feel free to read other references if you find them more your style. Other good options include Tom Leinster's introductory book and Emily Riehl's more recent book (this book is availably freely and legally from Emily's webpage; visit her webpage to ensure you are using the most recent version).

Lecture summary and exercises.

Borceux Chapter 1 book excerpt.

Junior Paper topic suggestions.

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