Math 155, Lecture 1, Winter 2007

Mathematical Imaging

Lecture Meeting Time: MWF 1.00PM - 1:50PM.
Lecture Location: MS 6229.
Discussion Section: Thursday 1.00PM - 1:50PM, MS 6229.

Instructor: Luminita A. Vese
Office: MS 7620D
Office hours: Mon 3-4pm, Wed 2-4pm, or by appointment.


Teaching Assistant: Alexander Chen, E-mail:
Office: MS 7630.
Office hours: TBA

Required: Rafael C. Gonzalez and Richard E. Woods, Digital Image Processing, 2nd edition, Prentice-Hall, 2002.
(placed on reserve for 2 hours/overnight at SEL Library).
Recommended: R.C. Gonzalez, R.E. Woods and S.L. Eddins, Digital Image Processing Using Matlab, Prentice-Hall, 2004.

Pre-requisites: courses 32B and 33B, 115A and PIC 10A.

Useful Links:
  • Virtual Office Hours
  • PIC Lab: Boelter Hall 2817
  • MATLAB documentation
  • More about Matlab
  • Quick Matlab Documentation (thanks to Prof. C. Anderson, UCLA)
  • Class Web Page:

    Assignments Policy: There will be several homework assignments on theoretical questions and computer projects. Homework will be assigned every week and collected every Friday (lecture). Please start working from now at the PIC Lab, using the computer language Matlab.

  • One Midterm Exam: Wednesday, February 21, 2007.
  • One Final Exam: Monday, March 19, 2007, 3:00pm-6:00pm, in MS 6229.
    These are closed note and closed book written exams.

    Grading Policy: HW 30%, Midterm 25%, Final 45%

    Class materials:
  • SampleMatlabCode.m
  • Illustration of shifting the center of the FT in 1D
  • Matlab code for the example above of computing the DFT in 1D and shifting the center
  • Matlab code reproducing the result in Fig. 4.3, using the DFT and IDFT

    The following material is obtained from the book web page:
  • Errata to the textbook
  • Review material offered by the book authors

    Homework Assignments, Projects & Practice Problems:

    HW #1 Due on Friday, January 19
    Image to download Fig2.21(a).jpg

    Image to download Fig3.08(a).jpg

    HW #2 Due on Friday, January 26

    HW #3 Due on Friday, February 2
    Image to download Fig3.37(a).jpg

    Image to download Fig3.40(a).jpg

    Image to download Fig5.26a.jpg

    HW #4 Due on Friday, February 9
    Image to download Fig5.26a.jpg

    HW #5 Due on Friday, February 16
    Image to download Fig4.11(a).jpg

    HW #6 Due on Monday, February 26
    Image to download Fig5.7(b).jpg

    Image to download Fig5.8(a).jpg

    Image to download Fig5.8(b).jpg

    HW #7 Due on Friday, March 2
    Image to download Fig4.41(a).jpg

    Image to download Fig4.41(b).jpg

    Image to download Fig5.26(a).jpg

    HW #8 Due on Friday, March 9
    Image to download Fig5.26(a).jpg

    HW #9 Due on Friday, March 16
    Image to download Fig10.15(a).jpg