32A (Lect. 1), Calculus of Several Variables

Final: Tuesday, June 11th, 3:00pm-6:00pm

Lectures: MWF 9:00-9:50 in Humanities A51.

Instructor: Rowan Killip, 6935 Math Sciences Building.

Office Hours: Mon 10:00--11am and Wed 11--12 in 6935 Math Sciences Building.

TAs: Derek Levinson (OH: T2-3 in MS 3975), Allen Boozer (OH: Th 11-12 in MS 2344), and Alan Zhou (OH: T3-4 PM in MS 2350).

Exams: Two in-class midterms: Wednesday, October 25th and Wednesday, November 15th. Three-hour final: Monday, December 11, 11:30am-2:30pm.
Bring student ID to both midterms and the final. There will be no make-up exams.
No calculators, notes, or books will be permitted in any exam.

Homework: There will be weekly homework. It is due in class. Further information is given below.

Grading: Homework, 15%; Each midterm 15%; Final 55%.

Syllabus: General Course Outline.

Here is our expected progress:

Lecture Sections Topics
113.1Vectors in the Plane
213.2Vectors in Three Dimensions
313.3Dot Product
413.4Cross Product
513.5Planes in Three-Space
612.1Parametric equations
714.1Vector-Valued Functions
814.2Calculus of Vector-Valued Functions
914.3,4Arc-Length and Speed; Curvature
1014.5,6Motion in Three-Space; Planetary Motion
Midterm #1
1115.1Functions of Two or More Variables
1213.6A Survey of Quadric Surfaces
1315.2Limits and Continuity
1415.2Limits and Continuity
1515.3Partial Derivatives
1615.3Partial Derivatives
1715.4Differentiability and Tangent Planes
1815.4Differentiability and Tangent Planes
Midterm #2
1915.5Gradient and Directional Derivatives
2015.5Gradient and Directional Derivatives
2115.6Chain Rule
2215.6Chain Rule
2515.8Lagrange Multipliers
2615.8Lagrange Multipliers
Homework Problems:
Homework 1, due Friday Oct. 6.
Homework 2, due Friday Oct. 13.
Homework 3, due Friday Oct. 20.