Professor of Mathematics (emeritus)


Research Interests: Control theory,

differential equations in linear spaces.


e-mail: hof@math.ucla.edu




Licenciado en Matematica, Universidad de Buenos Aires, 1960.

Ph. D., New York University, Courant Institute of Mathematical

Sciences, 1965.




About half a century ago, the Russian mathematician L. S. Pontryagin formulated

completely for the first time the fundamental problem of the calculus of variations

and solved it with PontryaginŐs Maximum Principle. This result unified calculus of

variations and control theory of ordinary differential equations. I have been working

for many years on infinite dimensional generalizations of the maximum principle. The aim

is the control theory of partial differential equations, a subject of much theoretical and

practical interest.




I have worked for many years in the incorporation of technology to teaching, first using

the classical computing languages (Fortran, Pascal, C), then using computer algebra

systems (Mathematica, Maple, Matlab), e-mail and the Internet. For details see below.

The interview is a shorter version of the teaching statement.


                             interview                       teaching statement


I am presently involved in an e-textbook project together with faculty members of

several Math Departments.



For details see The Live Books Project.




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Recent publications:


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