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To become a general member, simply join the mailing list below—no application required! All majors and years are welcome. Anybody can attend our workshops, so if you’re at all interested in learning more about the actuarial profession and would like to keep your options open, we are more than happy to have you!

There is no time commitment or required attendance, so the extent of your participation is solely up to you and how much you can benefit from our events and resources. Whether you decide that you want to become an actuary or you discover that this career path isn’t for you, we are certain that you can still benefit from our professional development and technical workshops, which can be applied to other careers as well!

For those who are studying for actuarial exams, BAS members (paid and unpaid) also receive discounts for Coaching Actuaries Adapt products. Just send us an email from your official UCLA email address to receive the discount code! Please do not share the discount code with students from other schools or non-students, as this privilege is reserved for BAS members.

By joining our mailing list, you acknowledge that you have read and understood the Bruin Actuarial Society Code of Conduct and agree to abide by its rules, as stated below:


As members of Bruin Actuarial Society, all students, alumni and officers are responsible for maintaining the highest ethical standards. Bruin Actuarial Society values integrity, honesty, and fairness and strives to integrate these values into our practices.


This Code is a shared document among all Bruin Actuarial Society members, and it is our commitment to use the highest ethical and professional standards as the basis of all decisions. We are each accountable for our own actions and are collectively responsible for upholding standards of behavior.


Self-accountability is the cornerstone of ethics. As members of Bruin Actuarial Society and students at University of California, Los Angeles, you are expected to be honest with yourself and answerable for what you say and do. You must look beyond the immediate moment to consider the consequences of your actions.


  1. Your attendance is expected at all events to which you RSVP. If you must cancel an RSVP, you must do so by email with at least 24 hours' notice. Violators may be barred from future events.
  2. Providing false information on resumes or during interviews is prohibited. Members who display dishonesty will have their membership revoked and will be reported to the Dean of Students.
  3. Direct questions and concerns to the Bruin Actuarial Society email address. Even if you have officers’ personal contact information, you should contact Bruin Actuarial Society for all Society-related matters.
  4. Interact with firm representatives professionally. For example, do not contact recruiters to ask for referrals or recommendations if they have not personally seen your work ethic and thus have no basis for recommendation.

If you agree to abide by the Bruin Actuarial Society Code of Conduct described above, please click here and click the "Join Group" button on the top in page you are directed to subscribe to our mailing list.