Game Theory, September 2003

Aichi University, Japan

GameTheory, Sep. 1(Mon), 2(Tue), 3(Wed), 5(Fri) 6(Sat), 8(Mon), 9(Tue), 10(Wed)

Two lectures and one problem solving session each day.

Thomas S. Ferguson

Game Theory Notes on the web by T. S. Ferguson.

The notes for the course are in electronic form in PDF format.
To read the notes, you will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader for your platform.
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After the brief overview presented in the Introduction, we will cover
the first five sections of Part I,
the first five sections of Part II,
all four sections of Part III, and
all four sections of Part IV.

If you want to find the solution to a matrix game and are willing to type in or paste in the matrix, try the Matrix Game Solver.

Associated Games.

A few games written in JavaScript to accompany the text may be found in JavaScript Games.