JavaScript Games

Here are some games to accompany the electronic text, "Game Theory".
Optimal strategies for the first eight games are described in the text.

The ninth game is the child's game of Dots and Boxes, a surprisingly deep
game mathematically. A recent rebirth of interest in this game has been
prompted by the publication of Elwyn Berlekamp's book,
"The Dots and Boxes Game -- Sophisticated Child's Play" (2000), A.K. Peters, Ltd.

The last game is a one-person game (puzzle) of deducing where the dominoes are
in a rectangular array.

  1. Nim.
  2. Chomp!
  3. Fibonacci Nim.
  4. Moore's Nim.
  5. Dawson's Chess.
  6. Mock Turtles.
  7. Ruler.
  8. Turning Corners.
  9. Dots and Boxes.
  10. Dominotion.