Unless otherwise specified, all questions refer to the Stein & Shakarchi text.


You may use whatever resources you wish to complete the homework (textbook, notes, office hours, TA, other students, etc.); however it is strongly recommended that you try as much of the homework as you can on your own.  If you find yourself relying heavily on external help for the homework, then this is a danger sign and there is a strong chance that you will not perform well in the midterms and finals.  Conversely, if you can understand and solve all the homework problems well and by your own resources then the exams should not present much of a challenge.


Many of the questions will require short proofs or justification of your reasoning.  We do not expect overly detailed, professional-quality proofs in this course, but we will ask that when necessary, your steps are written in a logical order and with appropriate logical connectives (for instance, you are strongly encouraged to use such English words and phrases as “since”, “because”, “if/then”, “let”, “define”, “suppose”, “on the other hand”, “by Theorem X.X”, “we need to show”, etc.), and are not just a string of equations with no explanation connecting them.  Also you should be aware that certain theorems and results in this course are only valid under certain assumptions (e.g. one may require a function to be continuous, or differentiable), and you may be expected to at least mention this when applying such results.

Homework 1 (Due Jan 22)

Homework 2 (Due Jan 29)

Homework 3 (Due Feb 5)

Homework 4 (Due Feb 26) - note postponement of two weeks

Homework 5 (Due Mar 4)

Homework 6 (Due Mar 11)

Homework 7 (Due Mar 18)