Complex Dynamics

by Lennart Carleson and Theodore W. Gamelin

Publication Information

First printing: 1993
Publisher: Springer-Verlag New York, Inc.
Textbook series: Universitext: Tracts in Mathematics
ISBN 0-387-97942-5

The Springer web site for the book has further information.

Collection of Errata, Clarifications, and Comments

(.pdf) Includes list of errata for the second printing, compiled August 2003.

The second printing appeared in 1995. Several additional changes had been made from the first to the second printing, though there was no change in pagination.

Cortona Summer Course Notes

(.pdf) Notes related to the book compiled in connection with the Cortona Summer Course on Holomorphic Dynamics, July 20 to August 9, 2003.

Complex Dynamics was used as one a textbook for the course. The notes include remarks on several of the proofs in the book, descriptions of various proofs of the basic conjugation theorems, and several references to the literature and to web sites.

Technical Report Used for Cortona Course

(.pdf) Technical report: Conjugation Theorems via Neumann Series, T.W. Gamelin, MRS Report 99-1 (1999), Math Department, UCLA.