Here are some Java applets I wrote in the past. Of course, your browser has to be Java-enabled in order to view these applets.

Suggestions, bug reports, and feedback in general is always appreciated.

I found this description of Java packages to be useful while programming some of these applets.

The following applets were coded by Kim Chi Tran, under my supervision, for Math 115A (Linear Algebra):

I've gotten several requests for the source code for these applets. The code is quite kludgy - I wrote these applets to teach myself Java, basically - so please don't use them as any examples of stellar code or anything. But if you still want to hack around with the code, click here.  Note: I would not recommend using this code in order to solve any sort of homework problem; it is far better to come up with code on one’s own first, and only then compare it with what others have done.

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