Multiple Choice applet

Instructions: First, select a category. Then, press the "Next Question" button. Answer each question using the buttons A-G, then use "Next Question" to move on to the next question. The quizzes are completely anonymous, and do not directly affect your grades in any way; however you may find the applet useful to identify any strengths or weaknesses you have in various concepts in your courses.

(Multiple Choice Applet)

Note: This applet does not work when advertisment-blockers are enabled (because this applet needs to read from other web pages). Please disable these blockers in order to use the applet.  It also appears that this applet needs the Sun Java Virtual Machine of version 1.4 or higher (I've had problems reported even with 1.3.1_03). Let me know if there are any other problems loading the applet.

Comments, suggestions, and contributions for questions are greatly appreciated, and will be acknowledged.  When asking about a specific question and answer, please quote the entire question and answer, and not just the number of the question and label of the answer, since question and answers may be shuffled within a quiz.

important note: these quizzes are no longer actively maintained on this site. The most recent version of these quizzes may be found here.

The following quizzes are currently on-line:

The source code and quiz texts can be found here.  It is a trivial matter to obtain solutions to the quizzes from that link; but of course doing so would defeat the purpose of the quiz, which is to let you discover your strengths and weaknesses in various mathematical concepts.