Exponent calculator

This applet computes the exponent numerology for several estimates (Holder, Sobolev, etc.) which come up often in harmonic analysis.

Using the calculator is pretty self-explanatory. Select the desired estimate, enter in the information you know, and press the button corresponding to the unknowns you want to compute.

The calculator only accepts rational expressions such as 3/2, 5, -3, etc; decimals are not permitted. Use 1/0 for infinity.

The calculator can also handle very simple algebraic expressions such as 2n+1, (a+b)/c, and so forth. It cannot handle exponents, so use nn instead of n^2. If you must have variables of more than one letter in length, use the backslash, thus 2\beta + 1. It will try to simplify expressions in a rudimentary manner, but this is not Maple or Mathematica. Think of it more like a 9th grade algebra student.

Garbage in, garbage out. The calculator does not check for absurdities such as negative dimensions, division by zero, etc. You have been warned. For each calculator, I've listed a set of restrictions that are necessary in order for the estimate to be true, but you have to check them yourself.

This applet has not been fully debugged. Please e-mail me with any bug reports. Of course, I also welcome feedback, suggestions, and requests!

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