Tilings (Math 285, Winter 2013)

Instructor: Igor Pak, MS 6125, pak@math.

Class Schedule: MWF 12:00-12:50, MS 7608.

Brief outline

We will give an introduction to the subject, covering a large number of classical and a few recent results. The emphasis will be on the main ideas and techniques rather than proving the most recent results in the field. The idea is to to give a guided tour over (large part of) the field to prepare for more advanced results in the future.


I will be posting most of the literature I will be covering, numbering them roughly in order of the lectures (some lectures are collapsed into one item). A few of these papers will not be taught - they are included the source of additional reading closely related to lecture material.
  1. Domino tilings
  2. Combinatorial group theory
  3. Ribbon tilings of Young diagram shapes
  4. Tile invariants and ribbon tilings of general regions
  5. Rectangles with one side integral
  6. Tilings with two bars
  7. T-tetromino tilings
  8. Further applications of height functions
  9. Tilings of rectangles
  10. Tilings of rectangles with rectangles
  11. Order of tiles
  12. Augmentability
  13. Valuations
  14. Counting domino tilings and perfect matchings
  15. Aztec diamond

Warnings: Most of these links are external, some are by subscription, some can be broken; occasionally, their content is unverified. Also, the explanations are NOT review, but rather quick summary of material I used from the sources; often there is wealth of other work presented there as well.

General references:

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