Introduction to Enumerative Combinatorics (Fall 2010)

Instructor: Igor Pak, MS 6240 (subject to change), pak@math.

Class Schedule: MWF 1:00-1:50, MS 5217.

Brief outline

This course is aimed to be a standard introduction to the subject. I will cover a large range of topics including enumeration of trees, linear extensions of posets, Young tableaux, integer partitions, etc. I will try to show a number of tools and ideas to give a basic picture of the field.

The prerequisites for the course are standard undergraduate linear algebra and combinatorics. I will assume that you have seen basic generating functions and some combinatorial bijections before, or are willing to learn on the fly. The rest will be self-contained.



If you are taking this course for credit, there will be a number of homeworks, which you will have to do. The homeworks will be posted on this page.

Course textbooks:

1) H.S. Wilf, "generatingfunctionology". Downloadable here.
2) R.P. Stanley, "Enumerative Combinatorics", vol 1 and 2, Cambridge University Press. See also new version of vol 1.
3) B. Sagan, "The Symmetric Group", Springer.

We will not use Wilf's book - it is listed here to give you some background in g.f. Stanley's and Sagan's books are really important and you will need them in more advanced courses as well.

Additional reading:

Home Assignments:

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