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Princeton University CondMat/Math Physics Seminar Sept 22nd 2006
Similar talk given at UC Davis Oct. 17th 2006

Rutgers University Math/Phys Seminar September 21st 2006
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Oberwolfach Conference: Spatial Random Processes, September 6th 2006.
Official Abstract
Similar talk given at the IAS, Princeton Sept. 18th 2006
Similar talk given at the UC Irvine Probability Math/Phys Seminar March 7th 2006
For more a detailed set of slides, see:
Helen Lei's talk, UCLA Math Feb 15th 2006

UCLA Dept. of Physics & Astronomy Jan 19th 2006
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Mathematical Study of Mean–Field Driven Phase Transitions *
AMS Western Section Meeting San Francisco April 30th 2006
* A slightly more mathematical version of the Jan 19th talk.

Title:  Ordering Due to Spin–Waves (AKA Order by Disorder)

Abstract:  Certain spin–systems, including some deemed to be of relevance to the question of orbital ordering in transition metal compounds are (mathematically) studied.  These systems have highly degenerate ground states characterized by a continuous symmetry.  Notwithstanding their infrared behavior, spin–wave excitations are shown to stabilize certain states (“order due to disorder”) and multiple phases are established.

93rd Statistical Mechanics Conference May 17th 2005
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