UCLA Mathnet Login

Setting Up Your E-Mail


The e-mail clients currently supported by the Department of Mathematics are:

  1. UNIX Pine
  2. Microsoft Outlook
  3. Mozilla Thunderbird

In the following pages, each mail client will be described in detail, with graphical instructions on what to do to set it up correctly to connect with Math.  To accomplish this, we set up a ‘sample’ user called Math User, username = mathuser.

The home machine of mathuser is cedar, or cedar.math.ucla.edu.   Please replace any instance of this home machine hostname with your hostname, be it walnut.math.ucla.edu, or tupelo.math.ucla.edu, julia.math.ucla.edu, or sassafras.math.ucla.edu.  Also, replace any instance of ‘mathuser’ with YOUR username, which is your ‘login’ name, your ‘email’ name, or your ‘unix’ name (any one of these 3 that you are familiar with).

These instructions are given from the point of view of ‘first’ installing the mail client on the system, which is not limited to but includes first clicking on the mail client’s icon.  It naturally takes you through a setup process.  You may not have to go through this whole process if you have already performed some setup of your preferred mail client. If that is the case, just make sure the settings for connecting to the MathNet are just like they are in the graphical pictures in the following pages (e.g., the IMAP port number, Certification, etc.).