Combinatorial Analysis (18.314, Fall 2006)

Instructor: Igor Pak

Class schedule: MWF 2-3 pm, 2-136

Office Hours: Mon 3-4:30, Room 2-390

Grader: Matjaz Konvalinka, 2-342; Office Hours: Wed 3-4.

Textbooks: J. Matousek, J. Nesetril (MN), Invitation to Discrete Mathematics, Oxford Univ Press, 1998.

Additional reading will be handed out in class if necessary.

Grading: Home assignments 60%, two midterms: 20% each (October 6, November 8), no final.

Difficulty: This is an intermediate level course. The students are expected to understand and present proofs. The emphasis will given to the individual work on home assignments. Basic linear algebra and Probability will be used, but the exposition will be largely self contained


The course is largely based on the textbook MN, but the order of chapters and the extend of their coverage will be changed. For example, we shall spend more time than the book doing generation functions, while omit "Finite Projective Planes" section completely.

Home Assignments

There will be 10 weekly home assignments will be given on Wednesdays to be returned also on Wednesdays. No assignment will be given over Columbus day weekend. Thanksgiving break. The assignments will be posted here in .ps and .pdf format and not distributed on paper.

HA1. Download .ps file or .pdf file.

HA2. Download .ps file or .pdf file.

HA3. Download .ps file or .pdf file.

HA4. Download .ps file or .pdf file.

HA5. Download .ps file or .pdf file.

HA6. Download .ps file or .pdf file.

HA7. Download .ps file or .pdf file.

HA8. Download .ps file or .pdf file.

HA9. Download .ps file or .pdf file.

Collaboration Policy.

You can form discussion groups of up to 4 people each. You can discuss problems but have to write your own separate solutions. You should enclose the list of people you spoke with at the end of each HW.

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