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MWF @ 11 Math 227A - Algebraic Topology
Th @ 4 Math 19 - Patterns and Symmetry in Art and Nature

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Winter 2018

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MWF @ 3 Math 33A - Multivariable Calculus
Math 19 - Patterns and Symmetry in Art and Nature

Spring 2018

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Math 237 - Topics in Algebraic Topology

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Spring Quarter 2016 Math 121 - Topology
Winter Quarter 2016 Math 227B - Algebraic Topology II
Fall Quarter 2015 Math 227A - Algebraic Topology I

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Math 5651: Advanced Linear Algebra

Website includes homework and handouts.


Math 885: Computational Methods in Algebraic Topology

This is a topics course on spectral sequences. Website includes notes, homework sets, some spectral sequence pictures, and some podcast classes.


Math 231: Calculus III

Website contains notes.


Math 132: Calculus II

Website contains notes.


Math 552: Advanced Abstract Algebra

Website contains notes and homework.


APMA 308: Linear Algebra

Website contains notes, homework, quizzes, exams, and extra practice.


Expository Talks

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Groups and Games

A general audience talk about some of the real math that shows up around Rubik's cubes and Sudoku.

April, 2012 Slides

Ruler, Compass, & Origami Constructions

General audience talk about the ways origami can perform some of the classically impossible geometric constructions!

February, 2009 Slides