UCLA Analysis Seminar 
Spring 2003
Previous quarters: Fall 1999, Winter 2000, Spring 2000, Fall 2000, Winter 2001, Spring 2001, Fall 2001, Fall 2002, Winter 2003

Time: Fridays, 3.00pm, Location: MS 6221
Some of the speakers may arrange to speak at different times/locations. See the UCLA Math Department's weekly seminar
list for official announcements. 
Fri Apr 4 Xiaochun Li, UCLA, "On multilinear oscillatory integrals"
Fri Apr 11 Bjarte Boe, visiting UCLA, "Multipliers of Bessel potential spaces and an application to spectral synthesis"
Fri Apr 18 Lihe Wang, U. Iowa, "L^p estimates and applications"
Fri Apr 25 Cancelled
Fri May 2 Cancelled
Fri May 9 Cristina Pereyra, U. New Mexico, "Haar multipliers, Bellman functions, and more"
Fri May 16 Nikolay Tzvetkov, U. Paris-Sud, "Bilinear Sogge estimates and applications"
Fri May 23 Natasa Pavlovic, Princeton University, "Dyadic models for the equations of fluid motion"
Fri May 30 Van Vu, UCSD, "Refinments of Waring's problem"
Fri Jun 6 Cancelled

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