Information on the Workshop “von Neumann Algebras and Ergodic Theory”

UCLA March 25-28, 2012.

Organized by Ed Effros, Sorin Popa, Yehuda Shalom, Dima Shlyakhtenko, Thomas Sinclair.

This is the third workshop in a series: UCLA/March 2007 and UCLA/May 2009.

Our idea is to bring together several people interested in the areas of von Neumann Algebras/Group Theory/Orbit Equivalence Ergodic Theory/Borel Classification.

Talks will start the morning of Friday May 25 and end by mid-day Monday, May 28.

Partial funding for the workshop is made possible by the Kristyn Yuki Takesaki Lagae Endowed Fund, established in 2004 by Masamichi Takesaki. The workshop is also partially supported this year by funds from the NSF.

List of Participants:

A. Aaserud (UCLA), L. Bowen (Texas A&M), I. Chifan (Vanderbilt), D. Creutz (Vanderbilt), S. Curran (UCLA), S. Deprez (Copenhagen), P. Fima (Paris), A. Galatan (UCLA), B. Hayes (UCLA), C. Houdayer (Lyon), A. Ioana (UCSD), A. Kechris (CalTech), Y. Kida (Kyoto), I. Pak (UCLA), J. Peterson (Vanderbilt), O. Sizemore (UCLA), A. Speelman (Lueven), T. Tao (UCLA), S. Thomas (Rutgers), A. Winchester (UCLA)

Schedule & Titles: