Free probability and the large N limit, IV

The workshop will take place at UC Berkeley. The lectures will start on Tuesday 3/25/14 and end on Saturday 3/29/14. The purpose of the workshop is to bring together leading researchers in free probability and related fields, such as combinatorics, von Neumann algebras and random matrices. This is the fourth in a series of workshops previously held at UC Berkeley (2007), UCLA (2010) and UC Berkeley (2012).

Michael Anshelevich, Octavio Arizmendi, Stephen Avsec, Serban Belinschi, Natasha Blitvic, Charles Bordenave, Gaetan Borot, Paul Bourgade, Yoann Dabrowski, Ken Dykema, Roland Friedrich, Vadim Gorin, F. Alberto Grunbaum, Michael Hartglass, Ben Hayes, Vaughan Jones, Todd Kemp, Klaus Kostler, Franz Lehner, Romuald Lenczewski, Weihua Liu, Adam Merberg, Jamie Mingo, Brent Nelson, Alexandru Nica, Ivan Nourdin, Jonathan Novak, David Renfrew, Paul Skoufranis, Roland Speicher, Yoshimichi Ueda, John Williams, Lauren Williams, Makoto Yamashita

Practical information: Unless otherwise informed, participants are expected to make their own hotel arrangements at Berkeley. Some hotels to consider are the Rose Garden Inn and the French Hotel.
Support: Partial funding for this workshop is provided by the National Science Foundation Grant
DMS-1402569. Priority in funding is given to graduate students, postdocs and researchers otherwise not having NSF support.
Special note for foreign participants: No expenses may be reimbursed unless:
You are a US Citizen or legal permanent resident, or a refugee, or
You hold an A1/A2, B1/B2, F1, J1/J2, K1/K2, O1/O2, P1/P2/P3 visa, or
You are travelling under the visa waiver program (and have WB or WT stamped in your arrival/departure record.
Additional notes:
B2, WT visa holders: you cannot be reimbursed if you have received reimbursement for travel or incidental expenses from more than 5 US educational institutions in the previous six-month period.
Persons holding an H-1 visa cannot be reimbursed, unless employed by UC Berkeley.
J1 visa holders need approval from their host institution,
Airfare on non-US flag carriers cannot be reimbursed.