Covid: University rules
Professor: Richard Elman
Office: MS 5328
Lecture Room: MS 5138 on MWF2
Office Hours: MWF3 or by appointment. (Subject to change.) There will also be an additional voluntary meeting on W4 that will meet in MS 5148. In this additional meeting, we will not do any homework problems. I will give an additional lecture on supplementary and/or complementary material to the regular lectures. You will be responsible for some of it (even if you do not attend). It should be very useful to those who do attend (and shorten study time).
TA: Jas Singh: Discussion Section R2 in Geology 4645
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Lectures in Algebra: Preliminary Version

Optional Text Dummit and Foote: Abstract Algebra, 3rd Ed.

Material: This is the first quarter of a year long honors course in abstract algebra. The material is given in a different order than the regular sequence. This first course studies (abstract) groups. This is certainly one of the most important mathematical concepts and has dominated much of mathematics since introduced by Galois. It is also a concept that you probably have not knowingly encountered. Students intending to go to Graduate School in mathematics should take this sequence instead of the regular one. This course is very abstract and difficult but quite rewarding. It will also take a significant amount of your time. This is not a computational course. You will learn how to state, understand, and prove mathematical concepts. The transition to doing this is not immediate and will take hard work and patience. If you had a good abstract linear algebra course, the transition will be easier, but it is not essential that you have had such a course.

Two Midterms and one Final:

Midterm 1: TBA

Midterm 2: A take home exam

Final: December 9, 2021 Friday, 8:00 am-11:00 am

No makeup exams


Assigned by Monday on web and due the following week on Thursday on Gradescope

Homework HW grades to be published on gradescope.

To learn the material you must do homework.

Credit for (*) problems, the important part of your homework, are only given if done correctly. If incorrect you will be allowed to do again within a time limit determined by the TA.

Quiz Section: The TA will go over material done in lecture, homework, and additional related material.

Best of the following total weighted scores:

final plus take-home midterm and homework (final = 55%)

final plus two midterms and homework (final = 40%)

determines grade. Homework counts 20% of grade.


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