The Unity of Combinatorics (Book content links)

Book: Ezra Brown and Richard K. Guy, The Unity of Combinatorics, AMS/MAA, The Carus Mathematical Monographs, Vol. 36, 2020, 353 pp.

Original article: Richard K. Guy, The Unity of Combinatorics, in Combinatorics Advances (1995), 129-159.

The review by me (Igor Pak) is available here. It appeared in the Notices of the AMS, vol. 69 (Jan 2022 issue), 108-111.
See also this short blog post I wrote on the review.

Table of Contents:

Talk video

See the video of Ezra Brown's talk "The Unity of Combinatorics: Connections and Wonders" on the book highlighting come of the connections.

This talk was given at a conference Celebrating the living legacy of the mathematics of Richard Guy which had other interesting talks as well.

Other reviews

See this review by Neil Calkin and Colm Mulcahy, Amer. Math. Monthly (Aug 2021), and
that review by Josef Lauri, zbMATH (2021).

See also this AMS blog post by Nicola Poser about Richard Guy and the book.

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