Mathematics 110BH

background Information background
  Professor:   Alexander Merkurjev
  Office:   MS 7917
  Office Hours:   M 3-4, WF 11-12 or by appointment
  TA:   Wertheim, Alexander: Discussion Section R 2 in MS 5127
  Book:   Dummit and Foote: Abstract Algebra, 3nd Ed.
  Material:   Why there are formulas for determining roots of quadratic, cubic, and quartic polynomials and why such do not exist for the quintic and higher? The course shows how abstract group theory came into use via Galois Theory and represents the beginnings of modern mathematics.
  Exams:   Take home Final. 
  Homework:   Assigned Mondays and due the next week on Thursday in Discussion Section. 
Homework is returned in Discussion Section. 
To learn the material you must do homework.
  Quiz Section:   The TA will go over material done in lecture, homework, and additional related material.
  Grading:   Final (50%) + Homework (50%)
  Take home Final Exam:   Due Friday June 9, 2017.