Research Interest

       1. Random matrix theory

       2. Dilute Quatumn Gases

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     Selected Papers

                                   Probability Theory:

         1. The Isotropic Semicircle Law and Deformation of Wigner  ………Matrices (with A. Knowles) CPAM, Vol 66, No 1, pp 1663-1749.

         2. Rigidity of Eigenvalues of Generalized Wigner Matrices (with

………L. Erdos, H. T. Yau) Adv. Math. Vol 229, No. 3,   pp 1435-1515

         3. A Necesary and Sufficient Condition for Edge Universality of Wigner            Matrices (with J. O. Lee) Duke, Vol 163, No 1, pp 117-173.

          4Fixed energy Universality for generalized Wigner matrices (with P.               Bourgade, L. Erdos, H. T. Yau) CPAM, Vol 69, No 10, pp 1815-1881.

         5. Random band matrices in the delocalization phase I, II, III (with P.               Bourgade,  H. T. Yau, F. Yang) 

                               Mathematical Physics:

         1. The second order upper bound for the ground energy of a Bose gas                (with  H. T. Yau)

Grants and Awards


      1. Moringside Silver medal, 7th ICCM 2016. 

      2. NSF CAREER-1552192 2016-2021.

      3. Sloan research fellowship 2014-2018.

      4. NSF grants DMS-1207961 2012-2015

      5. NSF grants DMS-1001655 2010-2012

      6. Gold Medal of New world Mathematics Award 2010