Summer School: RMT 2019 at LA

For applications, please write me (organizer) a message


Title:                                Summer School on Random Matrices

Date:                                July 8th - July 12th 2019

Location:                      UCLA campus.

Speakers:                      Han Huang (Umichigan),  

                                             Jiaoyang Huang (Harvard), 

                                             Jun Yin (UCLA). 

What is random matrix ? 

Random matrix theory (RMT) is  a very big subject with applications in many disciplines of science, engineering and finance.  The foundation of RMT  is based on the analysis of the eigenvalues and eigenvetors behavior of ranom matrices.  In the past 30 years, this field has a very fast growing, especially people have proved that random matrices usually contain some particular properties which non-random matrices usually don’t.   We like to use this chance to introduce this active field to young future researchers.


Who can apply:

As suggested by NSF, this school is mainly for undergrades and fresh graduates whose majors are  mathematics or related subjects.   The others will have less priorities. 


H. H:   Singular values and Eigenvector of non-Hermitian matrix

J. H:  Spectrum of sparse random graphs

J. Y:  General background on RMT and Green’s function method on RMT. 

Financial support:

We can provide travel ticket (domestic), accommodation and meals if needed. 

But  the less financial support a student needs (like having own department fund), the more likely  his/her application will be accepted.

For applications:

Please send the following materials to  with the subject: 

                                    [RMT Summer School] - application. 

 1. A Brief CV. 

2. A short statement about the financial support needed, and the professor who we can consult (if needed).


May 20th 2019. 

The earlier applications has more chance to be accepted.