Math 290D, Current Literature Seminar in Logic.

Time: Thursdays 3pm to 4:50pm.

Place: MS 6118.

Contact: Itay Neeman.
Office: MS 6334.
Phone: 794-5317.
Office hours: Monday and Wednesdays, 10am to 11am.

Topics and speakers: (List updated as the term progresses.)

Singular Cardinals and the Generalized Continuum Hypothesis by J.E. Baumgartner and K. Prikry, presented by Jusin Palumbo.

Equivalence of two strong forms of determinacy by A. Blass, presented by Anush Tserunyan.

Section 5 in Ultraproducts in the Theory of Models by S. Kochen, and Section 5 in The Higher Infinite by A. Kanamori, presented by Jusin Palumbo.

Independent Sets of Axioms in $L_{\kappa,\alpha}$ by X. Caicedo, and Tout ensemble de formules de la logique classique est équivalent à un ensemble indépendant by I. Reznikoff (see handout ), presented by Yiannis Souldatos.

Notes on singular cardinal combinatorics by J. Cummings, Sections 8—11 and 18, presented by Dima Sinapova.

Ben Miller's proof of Silver Theorem, presented by Clinton Conley.