Math 220A, Mathematical Logic and Set Theory.

Instructor: Itay Neeman.
Office: MS 6334.
Phone: 794-5317.
Office hours: MW 3:30 to 4:20pm and by appointment.

Time and Place: MW 4:30 to 5:45pm, in MS 5117.

Text: Lecture notes will be distributed in class.

Grading: The final grade will be based on homework (roughly 40%), and a final exam (roughly 60%). Homework will be due every Friday by the end of the day, preferably submitted as PDF by email.

Homework exercises (all due by the end of the day Friday):

Assignment 1, due Friday October 7: Exercises 1C.1, 1C.4, 1C.5, and Question 1 parts (b)–(d) in the Fall 2011 Logic Qual.

Assignment 2, due Friday October 14: Exercises 1D.2, 1D.3, 1E.1, 1E.2, 1E.4, 1E.6, and 1E.9.

Assignment 3, due Friday October 21: Exercises 1E.10, 1E.11, 1F.1, 1F.2, 1.F3, 1F.4, and 1F.5.

Assignment 4, due Friday October 28: Exercises 1F.6, 1G.1, 1G.3, 1H.1, 1H.2, 1H.6, and Question 2 part (a) in the Spring 2011 Logic Qual.

Assignment 5, due Friday November 4: Exercises 1H.8, 1I.1, 1J.3, 1J.4, 1J.5, 1J.6, 1J.7, 1J.8. Can also resubmit 1F.6 and Spring 2011 qual Question 2(a).

Assignment 6, due Friday November 11: Exercises 1J.9, 1J.10 (where one N is missing a star), 2A.1, 2A.2, 2A.4, 2A.5, and 2B.1.

Assignment 7, due Friday November 18: Exercises 2C.1, 2C.2, 2C.3, 2C.4, 2C.5, Question 2 in the Fall 2001 Logic Qual, and Question 7 in the Fall 2002 Logic Qual.

Assignment 8, due Friday November 25: Exercise 2G.1, Questions 3, 4, and 5 in the Fall 2001 Logic Qual, and Question 1 in the Winter 2003 Logic Qual. Though we have not proved it yet, you can use the fact that the theory of true arithmetic is undecidable. In Question 4, you can replace $\aleph_1$ by uncountable.

Assignment 9, due Friday December 2: Question 5 in the Fall 2003 Logic Qual, Question 1 in the Fall 2004 Logic Qual, Question 1 in the Winter 2004 Logic Qual, Questions 1 and 2 in the Fall 2005 Logic Qual, and the following additional question.