Eric W. Hester

Eric W. Hester

Hedrick Assistant Adjunct Professor

The University of California, Los Angeles


I’m a Hedrick Assistant Adjunct Professor at the Department of Mathematics, UCLA. My research interests are varied but all relate to better understanding fluid-solid interactions and fluid-dynamics more broadly. I’ve done experimental investigations of iceberg melting rates, computational investigations on the extraordinary drag of the dead-water effect, and mathematical analysis on improving the volume-penalty method and phase-field models of melting and dissolution. A big reason I’ve been able to work on so many projects is because of the incredibly flexible and efficient Dedalus computational framework developed by my thesis adviser Geoff Vasil and his collaborators Keaton Burns, Daniel Lecoanet, Jeff Oishi, and Ben Brown. I also enjoy teaching and presenting my work around the world.


  • The Dedalus PDE solver framework
  • Fluid-solid interaction
  • The dead-water effect
  • Tears of wine
  • Mathematical computing


  • Doctor of Philosophy in Applied Mathematics, 2017-2021

    The University of Sydney

  • Bachelor of Science (Advanced) (Honours), 2013-2016

    The University of Sydney


Black Hole Accretion Disks

Understanding shocks in black hole accretion disks

Iceberg Melting

How does iceberg shape affect melting?

Tears of Wine

Coming soon!

Phase Field Models

Simple-to-simulate models of phase change

Volume Penalty Method

The simplest way to put objects in CFD solvers.

Signed Distance Coordinates

The elegant — and useful — differential geometry of the signed-distance function.

Dead Water

The huge drag of small density differences


Aspect Ratio Affects Iceberg Melting

Iceberg meltwater is a critical freshwater flux from the cryosphere to the oceans. Global climate simulations therefore require simple …

Improved phase-field models of melting and dissolution in multi-component flows

We develop and analyse the first second-order phase-field model to combine melting and dissolution in multi-component flows. This …

Ice melting in a turbulent stratified shear flow

In order to improve our understanding of ice melting in oceans, here we report an idealized numerical study of phase changes between a …

Bistability in Rayleigh-Bénard convection with a melting boundary

A pure and incompressible material is confined between two plates such that it is heated from below and cooled from above. When its …

Improving convergence of volume penalised fluid-solid interactions

We derive higher-order accurate volume-penalty models with no added implementation cost, and verify their accuracy in several benchmark problems in Dedalus.

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