Deanna Needell

Research Group

    Current graduate students & postdocs


  • Joyce Chew, UCLA, PhD student, stochastic iterative methods, tensor numerical methods, manifold- and graph-based methods
  • Guilio Farolfi, UCLA, CAM Postdoc, Financial Math
  • Erin George, UCLA, PhD student, stochastic iterative methods, bias in NLP, deep learning theory
  • Lara Kassab, UCLA, CAM Postdoc, matrix and tensor factorizations for learning, dimensionality reduction techniques, topological and geometric data analysis
  • Chunyang Liao, UCLA PIC Postdoc, Mathematical Data Science, Approximation Theory, (Deep) Learning Theory
  • Alex Sietsema, UCLA, PhD student, Mathematical Data Science, Stochastic Optimization
  • Minxin Zhang, UCLA, Hedrick CAM Postdoc, optimization, machine learning