2017 PIMS lectures
Extrema of 2D Discrete Gaussian Free Field

UBC course MATH 608D: Topics in Probability as part of PIMS-CRM Summer School in Probability
Marek Biskup (email contact)
venue: Ocean and Atmospheric Science Bldg at UBC (map location)
date/time: morning hours MTRF; see detailed schedule

I have the privilage to be one of the main lecturers at the 2017 PIMS-CRM summer school. The subject of the lectures are extreme values of the 2-dimensional discrete Gaussian Free Field (2D DGFF), a subject that I have worked on closely with Oren Louidor, and also Jian Ding and Subhajit Goswami over the past couple of years. The lectures will summarize the recent developments in this area. In spite of the wider scope of my original title, I decided to choose depth over breadth and focus predominantly on 2D DGFF.

Lecture notes & homework:

The lecture notes and homework are being posted through this site in due course. Students taking the course for UBC credit should contact the lecturer right after the first class.

Check the course outline for a lecture-by-lecture list of topics to be covered. Here you will get the lecture notes.