Andrea Bertozzi Research Group

Current Postdocs   (Former Postdocs)

Current Ph.D. Students (Advanced to Candidacy)   (Former Students)

  • Bohan Chen, optimization, image and signal processing
  • Kyung Ha, surface tension microfluidic modeling and analysis
  • Jacob Moorman, multichannel networks
  • Thomas Tu, multichannel networks
  • Yoni Dukler, thin film fluids and machine learning
  • Kevin Miller, Machine learning, Bayesian uncertainty quantification, active learning
  • Kaiyan Peng, optimal path planning, networks
  • Dominic Yang, multichannel Networks
  • Xia Li, multichannel networks and epidemics
  • Yurun Ge, Multichannel Networks

PhD Students (passed qualifiers)

Current Projects

  • Simons Math + X This is a five year project in collaboration with the California NanoSystems Institute and the Department of Mechanical Engineering. We are working on microfluidics applications.
  • Knowledge Graphs We are developing mathematical methods and theory for analyzing data organized on knowledge graphs.
  • COVID-19 I am doing research related to modeling the spread of COVID-19.
  • Subgraph Isomorphisms We are looking at subgraph isomorphisms on multichannel networks
  • We are working with a community organization in Los Angeles, the Gang Reduction Youth Development program.
  • We are part of a collaborative project on deep learning, with Univ. and UC Irvine.

    Current Research Grants and Contracts

    1. Argonne National Laboratory, 1F-60314, 1/1/21-12/30/21, Developing Machine Learning Models and Algorithms for including Machine-Learning Surrgogates into Design and Control Problems, subaward to UCLA, Sven Leyffer (ANL) PI.
    2. NSF DMS-1952339, 8/15/20-7/31/23, FRG: Collaborative Research: Robust, Efficient, and Private Deep Learning Algorithms, with S. J. Osher, B. Wang (Univ. Utah). Collaborative project with J. Xin at UC Irvine.
    3. NSF DMS-2027277, ATD: Algorithms for Threat Detection in Knowledge Graphs, 9/2020-8-2023, with Jeff Brantingham, coPI.
    4. NSF grant DMS-2027438, (Mason Porter coPI), RAPID: Analysis of Multiscale Network Models for the Spread of COVID-19, 4/15/2020 - 3/31/2021
    5. NSF grant DGE-1829071, NRT-HDR: Modeling and Understanding Human Behavior: Harnessing Data from Genes to Social Networks, 9/2018-8/2023, ALB current PI; Wei Wang original PI.
    6. DARPA, Variational Methods on Graphs for Identification on Transaction Networks, Feb 1 2018-Jan 29, 2022. Award number FA8750-18-2-0066.
    7. ATD: Sparsity Models for Forecasting Spatio-Temporal Human Dynamics NSF DMS-1737770, 9/15/17-8/31/21, with P. J. Brantingham and S. J. Osher
    8. Simons Math + X Investigator Award number 510776. 7/2017-6/2022
    9. City of Los Angeles, Gang Reduction Youth Development (GRYD) Analysis Program, subaward to UCLA from CSULA, 3/2016-6/2021; P. J. Brantingham PI.

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