Former Students of Andrea L Bertozzi

All degrees are PhD in Mathematics or Applied Mathematics unless otherwise specified

  • Yurun Ge (UCLA 2023), Active Learning for the Subgraph Matching Problem, Postdoc with Maria D'Orsogna at CSUN and UCLA Department of Computational Medicine
  • Hedi Xia (UCLA 2023), joint with Stan Osher Towards Faster and More Accruate Neural ODEs, Pinterest
  • Dominic Yang (UCLA 2023) Exploiting Symmetry in Subgraph Isomorphism and Formulating Neural Network Constrained Optimization Problems, Postdoc, Argonne National Laboraotory
  • Bohyun Kim (UCLA 2023) Theory of Positivity-Preserving Numerical Methods for Thin Viscous Liquids Flowing Down Vertical Fibers , Postdoc Univ. Utah
  • Xia Li (UCLA 2022), joint with Deanna Needell Mathematical modeling of epidemics and adversarial learning in distributed systems , Microsoft
  • Yujia Qi (UCLA MAE 2022) Microvascular Hydrodynamics: Structure and Adaptation Principles, co-advised with Marcus Roper
  • Kaiyan Peng (UCLA 2022) Mathematical Modeling of Disease Dynamics, Opinion Dynamics, and Environmental Crimes, joint with Mason Porter, Facebook
  • Kyung Ha (UCLA 2022) Mathematical Modeling and Theory of Microencapsulation and Inertial Migration, Postdoc Purdue Univ.
  • Kevin Miller (UCLA 2022) Active Learning and Uncertainty in Graph-Based Semi-Supervised Learning , Postdoc UT Austin
  • Yonatan Dukler (UCLA 2021), Part I: The geometry and manipulation of natural data for optimizing neural networks Part II: A theory for undercompressive shocks in tears of wine, Applied Data Scientist, Amazon AWS
  • Thomas K. Tu (UCLA 2021), Subgraph Matching on Attributed Multiplex Networks with Applications to Knowledge Graphs Senior Scientist, STR Research
  • Jacob Moorman (UCLA 2021), joint with Deanna Needell Stochastic Optimization and Subgraph Search
  • Hao Li (UCLA 2020), Graph Based Learning and Data Analysis, Akuna Capital
  • Christian Parkinson (UCLA 2020), joint with Stanley Osher, Models for Human Navigation and Optimal Path Planning Using Level Set Methods and Hamilton-Jacobi Equations, Postdoc Univ. Arizona
  • Baichuan Yuan (UCLA 2020), Large-scale and Deep Spatiotemporal Point-Process Models, Research Scientist, Facebook
  • Hannah Dröge (Master Thesis in Computer Science, Univ. Siegen, 2019, Prof. Dr. Michael Möller joint advisor) Unsupervised Mitral Valve Segmentation in Echocardographic Videos base on Matrix Factorization
  • Markus Plack (Master Thesis in Computer Science, Univ. Siegen, 2019, Prof. Dr. Michael Möller joint advisor) Nonprobabilistic Topic Modeling of Short Texts with Distributed Representations
  • Geoffrey S. Iyer (UCLA 2018) Graph-Based Data Fusion Methods , Google CA
  • Zachary Mark Boyd (UCLA 2018) Community detection using total variation and surface tension
    Postdoc, UNC Chapel Hill; tenure track BYU starting fall 2021
  • Fangbo Zhang (UCLA 2018) A Blob Method for Advection-Diffusion-Reaction Systems with Application to Robotic Swarms
  • Xiyang Luo (UCLA 2018) Analysis and Application of Graph-Based Semi-Supervised Learning Methods
    Google CA
  • Zhaoyi Meng (UCLA 2017) High Performance Computing and Real Time Software for High Dimensional Data Classification
    Google CA
  • Jeffrey Wong (UCLA 2017) Modeling and analysis of thin-film incline flow: bidensity suspensions and surface tension effects
    Griffiths Assistant Research Professor, Duke University
  • Travis Robert Meyer (UCLA 2017) Energy Models for Signal Processing and Matrix Factorization
  • Charles Zachary Marshak (UCLA 2017-joint with Mason Porter)
    Applications of Network Science to Criminal Networks, University Education, and Ecology

    Signal Analysis Engineer at NASA Jet Propulsion Lab
  • Joseph Woodworth (UCLA 2016)
    Numerical Optimization Methods for Image Processing and Machine Learning

    Google, CA
  • Konstantin Dragomiretskiy (UCLA 2015)
    Variational Methods in Signal Decomposition and Image Processing

    Associate Strategist, Securitized Products Group, Morgan Stanley, New York, NY
  • Huiyi Hu (UCLA 2015)
    Graph Based Models for Unsupervised High Dimensional Data Clustering and Network Analysis

    Research Engineer, Google, CA
  • Ekaterina (Merkurjev) Rapinchuk (UCLA 2015)
    Variational and PDE-based methods for big data analysis, classification and image processing using graphs

    UC Presidents Postdoctoral Fellowship, UCSD; Assistant Professor, Michigan State Univ.
  • Alan Mackey (UCLA 2015 - joint with Stan Osher)
    Part I: Steady States in Two-Species Particle Aggregation; Part II: Sparse Representations for Multiscale PDE

    Google, CA
  • Joseph R. Zipkin (UCLA 2014)
    Mathematical Models and Methods for Behavior in Social Networks: Urban Crime, Self-Exciting Interactions, and Information Spread

    Technical Staff Member, MIT Lincoln Laboratory, Lexington MA
  • Alexey Stomakhin (UCLA 2013 - joint with Joseph Teran)
    Part I: Reconstruction of Missing Data in Social Networks Based on Temporal Patterns of Interactions Part II: Constitutive Modeling in Solid Mechanics for Graphics Applications

    Weta Digital
  • Hui Sun (UCLA 2013)
    Singular Solutions and Pattern Formation in Aggregation Equations

    Postdoc, UCSD; Assistant Prof. CSULB
  • Tijana Kostic (UCLA 2013)
    Threshold Dynamics for Statistical Density Estimation and Graph Clustering

  • James von Brecht (UCLA 2012)
    Pattern Formation in Particle Interactions

    Postdoc, UCLA Mathematics 2012-2014; currently Assoc. Prof. CSU Long Beach
  • Laura Smith Chowdhury (UCLA 2012)
    Incorporating Spatial Information into Density Estimates and Street Gang Models

    Postdoc, Information Sciences Institute, USC 2012-13; Assoc. Prof. Cal State Fullerton
  • Rachel Anne Hegemann (UCLA 2012)
    Spatially embedded social networks: dynamic models and data reconstruction

    Fullbright Fellowship, Univ. Muenster, 2012-2014; Research division of SMA Solar Technology, 2014-
  • Erik Lewis (UCLA 2012)
    Estimation Techniques for Self-Exciting Point Processes with Applications to Criminal Behavior

    Head of Customer Success, SigOpt San Francisco
  • Matthew Mata (UCLA 2011)
    Particle-laden thin film flow: An alternating direction implicit scheme and comparison between theory, numerical simulations, and experiments

    Postdoctoral Scholar, UCSB Mathematics, 2011-14; Instructor, El Camino College, Torrence, CA 2014-present
  • Jacob Bedrossian (UCLA 2011, Joseph Teran co-advisor)
    Part I: A Virtual Node Method for Elliptic Interface Problems Part II: Local and Global Theory of Aggregation Equations with Nonlinear Diffusion

    NSF Postdoctoral Scholar, Courant Institute, NYU, 2011-14; currently Professor, Univ. Maryland
  • Alexander S-Ban Chen (UCLA 2011)
    Boundary Tracking in Large Data Sets and Modeling the Evolution of Landscapes

    Postdoctoral Scholar, SAMSI and UNC Chapel Hill, 2011-15; GE Research 2015-2019; Asst. Prof. tenure track Cal State Dominguez Hills, 2019-present
  • Nancy Rodriguez-Bunn (UCLA 2011)
    Applied Partial Dirential Equations in Crime Modeling and Biological Aggregation

    NSF Postdoctoral Scholar, Stanford University, 2011-14; currently Assoc. Professor, Colorado Boulder
  • Wenhua Gao (UCLA 2011)
    The Laplace-Beltrami Operator in a Level Set Framework and Its Applications

    Intern PIMCO, Newport Beach, CA, Spring 2011; Financial Engineer, OTC Derivative team, Bloomberg LP, New York, 2011-present; VP Nomura 2018-present
  • Wangyi (Bobby) Liu (UCLA 2011)
    Two Dynamical System Models Based on Real-World Scenarios: a Swarming Control Model and a Surface Tension Model

    Postdoctoral Scholar, Petascale Initiative , Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, 2011-13; Google Shanghai 2013-2014; Google, CA 2014-
  • Yifei Lou (UCLA 2010 - joint with Stefano Soatto (CS))
    Local, Non-local and Global Methods in Image Reconstruction

    Postdoctoral Scholar, Georgia Tech (2011), UCSD/UCLA (2012-13); Postdoc UC Irvine 2013-14; currently Assoc. Professor, UT Dallas
  • Yanghong Huang (UCLA 2010)
    Self-Similar Blowup Solutions of the Aggregation Equation

    Postdoctoral Scholar, Simon Fraser University, 2010-2012; Chapman Fellow in Mathematics, Imperial College London, 2012-2015,
    Lecturer (tenure) The University of Manchester, UK
  • Julia Dobrosotskaya (UCLA 2009)
    Wavelet analogue of Ginzburg-Landau energy, its $\Gamma$ convergence and applications

    Postdoctoral Scholar, Univ. of Maryland 2009-13; Assoc. Prof. Case Western Reserve University 2013-
  • Hsiang-Wei Lu (UCLA Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, 2007, CJ Kim co-advisor)
    Fluid Dynamics of an Electrowetting Drop: Theories, Simulations, and Experiments

    Senior Mechanical Engineer at Autonomous Medical Devices Inc.
  • Benjamin Cook (UCLA 2007)
    Lubrication Models for Particle-Laden Thin Films

    Arete Associates, Arlington, VA
  • Alan Gillette (UCLA 2006)
    Image Inpainting Using a Modified Cahn-Hilliard Equation

    President, Heaviside Wealth Management, Financial Services (2010-2017); Data Scientist, Appriss (2016-present)
  • Yao-Li Chuang (PhD in Physics, Duke University 2006)
    Stability and Scalability of 2D Swarming Patterns
    Postdoctoral scholar, UC Irvine, Dept. of Mathematics 2007-8, Univ. of Texas Medical Center 2009-10;Univ. New Mexico Department of Pathology; Cal State U Northridge.
  • John Greer (Duke University 2003)
    Fourth order diffusions for image processing
    NSF Postdoctoral Fellow, Courant Institute of Mathematics Sciences, 2004-7
    National Geospatial Intelligence Agency, 2007-present
  • Ted Welsh (Duke University 2003)
    Mathematical modeling of landscape erosion: convergence, singularities, and shocks in a continuous, trasport-limited model
    Professor at Westfield State University
  • Liya Zhornitskaya (Duke University 1999)
    Positivity Preserving Numerical Schemes for Lubrication Equations
    Postdoc, Univ. of Bonn, Germany and Univ. of Utah, 1999-2003, now deceased.