polygon {base}R Documentation

Polygon Drawing


polygon draws the polygons whose vertices are given in x and y.


x,y vectors containing the coordinates of the vertices of the polygon.
density density of fill pattern. NOT YET implemented.
angle angle of fill pattern. NOT YET implemented.
border the color to draw the border. Defaults to par("fg"). Use border=0 to omit borders.
... graphical parameters can be given as arguments to polygon, must importantly,
col an integer specifying the color to be used in filling the polygon. The default is to leave polygons unfilled.

See Also

segments for even more flexibility, lines, rect, box, abline.


n <- 100
xx <- c(0:n, n:0)
yy <- c(c(0,cumsum(rnorm(n))), rev(c(0,cumsum(rnorm(n)))))
plot   (xx, yy, type="n", xlab="Time", ylab="Distance")
polygon(xx, yy, col="gray", border = "red")
title("Distance Between Brownian Motions")

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